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Notice is hereby given that a Public Hearing will be held to discuss the 2021-2022 Board of Education Budget Proposal on Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. in the Voluntown Elementary School gymnasium.  This meeting will also be held via Zoom and livestreamed on the Voluntown School YouTube channel. More information will be posted on the Voluntown School District Website: https://district.voluntownct.org/.

Please note that the Public Hearing is a hybrid meeting, meaning it will both be held via Zoom and in person. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS.

For those attending via Zoom only:

You must have a Zoom account to join via Zoom. To sign up for your own free account, visit https://zoom.us/signup and follow the steps. You will receive an email from Zoom (no-reply@zoom.us). In this email, click ‘Activate Account’. 

Citizens must register with their legal name through the following link; https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZItdu-gqTgtHtwz0wnKFLjBpMyESx3S8NF_          Note: This link is the registration link only, not the meeting link. After you register you will receive a unique meeting link. This link will only work for that individual person. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED IN ORDER TO RECIEVE A MEETING LINK. 

The hearing will be live streamed on the Voluntown School YouTube page, for those who only want to watch in real time.

Those who attend in person must wear a mask and social distancing rules will be followed.

Information on how to join a Zoom meeting can be found on the Zoom website.

These hybrid meetings are new to all of us, but we believe it is a positive move to get as much participation as possible in town government. Please be patient as we are all learning how to do this together.


posted 4/9/2021

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